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About Us

Cobblestone Homes is proudly owned by native Texans Rick Sturdevant and Jim See. Rick and Jim worked together running some large homebuilding companies in Houston before launching Cobblestone Homes. The large company expertise, skills, and disciplines allowed Cobblestone to quickly become one of Comal County’s largest and most successful custom homebuilders. Jim and Rick love providing the everyday hands on service needed to please our customers.

Jim, a 5th generation native of Katy, Texas, grew-up vacationing in the cool waters of New Braunfels every summer. Loving the German Town hospitality and fun, Jim bought his first piece of this community in the 80’s and loved spending weekends enjoying everything the community had to offer while dreaming about someday moving to New Braunfels full time. A veteran of 31 years of homebuilding, Jim, a former Division President of a Wall Street traded large homebuilder, loves building and developing in the Hill Country with the focus on providing unique homes and developments in the best of locations.

Rick, a native of Llano, Texas, grew-up loving the Hill Country and the small town lifestyle. Yearning to return to the Hill Country after building homes in Houston for years, Rick joined Cobblestone with the dream of building a homebuilding company to serve the Hill Country and provide good value and quality to his customers. As a former Vice-President of Operations for a Wall Street traded homebuilder, Rick had as many as 6 Project managers and 34 Superintendents reporting to him, running the construction for a large homebuilding company. He knows how to make it happen when it comes to homebuilding. Rick is very involved with the day to day details of every home that Cobblestone builds and enjoys having pleased customers.

Together, Rick and Jim are currently building and developing what they believe is some of the best destination property in the State of Texas. The Historic District of Gruene, Texas is a destination location for tourists from all over the state and nation. The shopping, dining, musical venues, and water recreation located in the area continue to appeal to those who love the “Texan Lifestyle”. Gruene’s byline, “Gently Resisting Change, Since 1877”, reminds us of a era when lifestyles were a little more simple and less hectic and those who choose to invest in this area cherish the fun and simplicity that comes with “Gruene”.